The Overlooked Beauty of Stone Landscaping

The Overlooked Beauty of Stone Landscaping

Stone landscaping has been overlooked in most garden landscaping project. Stones and rocks are interesting objects to be put on your garden. Have you see a garden without one? Even if you have, there will be something missing when you look at one, because stones and rocks work as a balancer; they have something different than a plant or tree has. Stones and rocks are usually used in landscaping to accompany other elements in the garden, such as plants or trees. However, stones and rocks can also be used as a stand-alone object in the garden.

While most of people use the word ‘stone’ and ‘rock’ to refer at the same thing, they’re actually different. Rocks are something comes freshly from the broken mass of the ground. Stones are technically has been exposed to weather or other environment of the earth. It’s basically a ‘weathered rocks’. Stone landscaping are a bit different than Rock landscaping. The two of them has different properties, and has their own best environment to put as an element in a garden.

Aside the differences, stones and rocks still become interesting elements to put on a garden. There are many useful ways to utilize the stones or rocks. They can simply use to form a ‘border’ of pathways or small ponds, they can also be stacked up, forming a wall and become a place for vines and other wall plants for you to grow. As long as the wall is not so high, concrete doesn’t need to be applied. Creating a random stone ruin in your garden is not a bad idea at all. Stone landscaping is not as hard as other landscaping project. Depending on your site, stones or rocks don’t need any significant maintenance or upkeep. Well, it can be considered as a do-it-once project.

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